A look back at 2015

I can't believe another year is over. For me it has been pretty stressful and bittersweet year, with finals in high school, entrance exams to uni and then going to uni also wasn't the easiest thing. All this can be easily forgetten with the four month worth of holiday that followed the finals.  I took this time to travel and explore, as you can see in the photos below. The stress for me though does not end quite yet, because I now have semestral finals in uni, so wish me luck! I wish you all the best to the new year, hope it's gonna be an amazing one, and who know? Maybe some of your deepest, darkest secrets will come true this year.

Nemůžu uvěřit, že další rok je za náma. Pro mě to byl rok docela dost stresující a hořkosladký, protože jsem maturovala, dělala přímačky na vysokou, a nástup na ni taky nebyl zrovna nejklidnější. Tohle všechno ale vyvažují ty čtyřměsíční prázdniny, které jsem měla.  Ta hromada stresu mě ale nyní neopouští, jelikož mě čeká zkouškový, takže mi držte palce!  Přeju Vám všechno nejlepší do nového roku, ať se Vám daří, a třeba i splní nějaká ta tajná přání.

Kris xx

Budapest. I had the best time there, It was kind of my reward after high school finals for me and my best friend, Anna. And in our usual fashion, we had a blast. Budapest is such a beautiful city, and I hope I'll come back someday. 

Poslední zvonění. A tradition. Bittersweet, but at that time, we were having a great time. 


Lednice. It's one of the most beautiful castles in Czech Republic I'd say. It was a long time since I visited a castle. When I was little we did it all the time and I used to imagine that I'm a princess, who owns the castle. Did you use to do that too? I guess since I'm not little anymore we don't go so often any longer. 

Rainbow run. Okay, now I am not in any way a runner. I'm not even sure if I like running, there is something that is quite appealing in that, but I am not much of a sports person at all. I do like working out at home with Blogilates, or at the gym occasionaly. Honestly, I've been really enjoying gym lately, but running is probably just not my thing. So me going to Rainbow run, was only to get good Instagram pictures, really. 

Prague. Now I do love me some Prague from time to time, seeing as I live quite far. 



 Italy. Italy is one of those places I've always wanted to visit, so my mom, being the best mom in the whole universe, took me as a present for passing finals (aka maturita). We went to Rome, where we of course had to visit the basic sights like Coloseum, Forum Romanum, Vatican, and so on. Since I was little I have always loved history, so seeing the places where all that I've been learning about happend was just beyond. The only downside was that when we were there, it was like 60 degrees out, but a lot of their delicious ice cream got me over that. We also visited Vesuv and Pompeii, which also was...I can't even find words. After Pompeii we went to a little town nearby, which was also hit by the volcanic eruption. We went to a beach there, and the sand there, well, it's not even really a sand it's volcanic ashes and the beach is just black. Well, where the ash is dry it's more like grey, but whatever. On the last day, we went to Napoli, which is quite an interesting city, and the architecture there, when you know the stories it binds to, is really quite funny, but beautiful never the less. After that we went to Capri, and I think the pictures just speak for itself. 


 And here's one from Halloween. I absolutely love Halloween, it might just be my favourite holiday, even though we don't celebrate it in Czech Republic. I do.

This post would not be complete without pics from my favourite cafe's. The other one is from the first day I've been to Cafe la Fee in Olomouc. They have the best cakes! So if you're ever in Olomouc, definitely give it a go.

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